“No FB advertising; I’m being reported by adversaries” – Cassola


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Independent Member of the European Parliament Arnold Cassola stated that Facebook has been refusing the majority of his paid adverts, and that it seems to be due to adversaries reporting him.
According to Cassola, Facebook has been rejecting the adverts on the basis that they go against Facebook policy. However, he stressed that his adverts are completely within policy, and that he has his I.D. card logged with the company. He went on to say that on the other hand, Facebook does not seem to be refusing the Nationalist Party (PN) or Labour Party (PL) adverts.
In a press release, he stated that he has been informed that it’s not Facebook who are controlling this block, but adversaries that systematically report their opponents so that the system blocks them. Cassola then went on to say that there cannot be any more Facebook advertising on his end, which is his main way of communicating with voters.