Egrant not linked with Michelle Muscat – the Magistrate

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja in his report presented to the Attorney General said that there are no links between Michelle Muscat, the Prime Minister’s wife, and the Egrant company.

The magistrate has said that no documents linking the Muscat family with Egrant have been found and that English forensic espertx have not found any evidence on the Pilatus Bank servers, mentioning the Muscat family.

Points from the inquiries’ conclusion include:

  1. There has been a call for assistance from Panama, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Germany, (European Investigation Warrant) and the United States (call for the preservation of digital information)
  2. The forensic digital analyst Elisabeth Briggs of Key Forensic Services in Conventry, England, analysed the copies of the declarations of trust in the acts of inquiry presented by Pierre Portelli and compared them to the original signatures of Jacqueline Alexander (from Mossack Fonesca in Panama) and found that they did not match.
  3. The footage of the MIA and the Pilatus Bank were examined and many photos were taken.
  4. The employees of Pilatus Bank as witnesses did not agree with the existence of the safe or the filing cabinet retained in the  kitchen of Pilatus Bank but the evidence proves that there was a filing cabinet known as a safe which was locked and was probably kept in the kitchen for some time. Several documents have been found in Pilatus Bank, referencing the use of the safe and its contents, primarily consisting of important bank confidential client information, including Maltese politically exposed persons.
  5. The only declarations of trust that resulted to the inquiry are those deposited during the act of inquiry of Pierre Portelli along with his declaration and Daphne Caruana Galizia and Maria Efimova made reference to them.
  6. The indicated signatures on the declarations of trust, which were analysed twice, did not match Janes Alexander when comparisons were made.
  7. The declarations of trust are therefore false, forged by an unknown person at this stage.
  8. The inquiry also discovered that whoever forged the declarations of trust had access to information with reference to Egrant Inc, Joseph Muscat and Michelle Muscat and Nexia BT, with information easily found on online open sources.
  9. No printed documentation was found linking Egrant property shareholders to Michelle Muscat.
  10. There is no evidence for Egrant Inc to have had an open, closed or pending bank account with Pilatus Bank.
  11. There is no evidence for Michelle Muscat or Joseph Muscat or any family members having an account with Pilatus Bank, but they did know and have met  Ali Sadr before, having also been invited to his wedding, to which other Maltese were invited.
  12. Ali Sadr’s flight: on the 20th of April 2017, Ali Sadr was on flight 1276 from Frankfurt to Malta. He was seen exiting the airport through security cameras at 11:40am. The security cameras of Pilatus Bank of 20th April 2017 have also been collected. Sadr entered the bank at about 12:45pm and exited at about 9:15pm. As seen on the security cameras inside the bank, Sadr entered the boardroom and placed his suitcase behind him. He is seen taking out his tablet, mobile, a few papers and pencils from the top pocket of the suitcase. He worked until about 9:15pm. Many employees are seen entering and leaving, including Claude-Ann Sant Fournier (a manager at Pilatus Bank). At 7:24pm, Luis Felipe Rivera enters and leaves Ali Sadr a paper which he leaves aside and pays no attention to. Sadr places his things back into his suitcase, including the paper Riviera had given him.
  13. There is no evidence that Sadr took with him a large quantity of documents which had to do with the allegations.
  14. The flight for the night of 21st April 2017 from Malta to Baku did in fact keep going to Dubai. The airplane landed in Malta from Ben Gurion with two passengers on board. At 3:34, there was a call for a flight from Baku to Dubai. The airplane in Malta was the closest to the company and was assigned to go to Azerbijan without passengers to take the people who requested the flight to Dubai. This is documented by email. The arrangements for the airplane to leave at about 03.30-4.00am on 21st April were made. The pilot Ludwig Wright said that the flight left as a positioning flight and the people on the plane were the crew and their personal belongings; three pilots and the flight attendant.
  15. In the documents related to the flights, emails with discrepancies were found  between Nicholas Van Der Meer – the director of the airline VistaJet and Rui Gonvalces – VistaJet Limited Malta. The amount of passengers and the passport numbers sent from the two did not all match. The inquiry says that the place, date, time, context and discrepancy portrayed can give away hints of suspicion and the flight between Malta and Baku was not proven to have had documents linked to the merit of the inquiry that they had been taken from Malta to Azerbaijan and/or from Azerbaijan to Dubai.