No end to teleworking planned, civil service insists

The Principal Permanent Secretary accused the UĦM – Voice of the Workers of giving the misleading impression that the government had stopped telework when it ordered industrial action earlier this week.

The UĦM instructed any of its members who were parents and who had no one to leave their children with to continue working from home. It was reacting to Prime Minister Robert Abela’s announcement that everyone was expected back to work as from Friday.

But in a statement, PPS Mario Cutajar’s office said that he has repeatedly declared that government was seeking to strengthen manes through which civil servants can benefit through technology to suit their particular needs, including through teleworking. The civil service, the office said, was a leader in the sector and intended to continue being so.

Cutajar’s office said that the circular issued last Tuesday simply pointed out that everyone had to resume the work schedule that they had before the Covid-19 pandemic reached Malta. However, whoever was approved to work remotely before the pandemic could continue teleworking.

It reminded that the management of government departments and public entities have long been empowered to approve requests for teleworking, adding that this very week, temporary teleworking arrangements have been approved in a number of cases.