No-deal Brexit: UK could end freedom of movement of EU citizens under new plan

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes a picture with a woman as he visits Birmingham, Britain July 26, 2019. Geoff Pugh/Pool via REUTERS

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Freedom of movement for EU citizens will end on day one of a no-deal Brexit under new plans, the Independent reported on Sunday.

The Independent reported that the new home secretary is pressing for border restrictions to be imposed immediately on October 31, even though there are no alternatives in place.

On Sunday a No-deal Brexit dossier was leaked to the Sunday Times. Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said that the dossier outlines a “worst-case scenario”. The details that emerge from the dossier warn of food and medicine shortages if the United Kingdom leaves the bloc without a deal.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to meet European leaders later this week.

The dossier warns that the UK could face months of disruption at its ports after a no-deal Brexit.

According to Operation Yellowhammer leaving the EU without a deal could lead to fresh food becoming less available and prices rising, a hard Irish border after plans to avoid checks fail, sparking protests, fuel becoming less available and 2,000 jobs being lost if the government sets petrol import tariffs to 0%. It also warns that patients would have to wait longer for medicines, including insulin and flu vaccines. The document warns that there could be a rise in public disorder and community tensions resulting from a shortage of food and drugs.