‘No-Deal Brexit an atomic bomb’ – Finance Minister

DOI - Kevin Abela
Edward Scicluna

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said that a No-Deal Brexit would resemble an “atomic bomb” in anticipation of the March 29th Brexit decision day. This was yesterday in comments to Bloomberg Television.

The interview happened in Brussels when the EU Finance Ministers met earlier this week, with Scicluna saying about a no-deal Brexit that “it’s something everybody dreads”. The economic uncertainty surrounding this separation led the European Commission to point towards “large uncertainty” in terms of forecast economic growth.

Scicluna said about the Italian Government, which country currently has the lowest growth rate in the euro area out of 19 countries, that they are “learning”. He spoke of Italy’s “well-meaning policies” after Italian officials met the EU about Italy’s deficit target. “Hopefully the good parts” of their policies “remain while the bad parts are thrown overboard,” said the Maltese Minister.