Ninth edition of the ŻiguŻajg Festival launched

The tremendously popular, award-winning international arts festival for children and young people returns with an eclectic programme of 21 productions from 11 different countries.

Eliza Von Brockdorff

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The ninth edition of the ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People has been officially launched.

DOI / Jason Borg

Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici stated,“the ŻiguŻajg Festival was conceived to instill a love for creativity and the arts in children and young people. A couple of years later, it is still doing just that; showcasing beautiful performances and wonderful shows from Malta and all over the world, whilst also getting better and improving during the years.” Minister Bonnici said that all of this forms part of this Government’s strategy, that of making culture and the arts more accessible to everyone. He concluded by thanking all those involved in making the festival the success that it is.

DOI / Jason Borg

Talking about the programme as a whole, Festival Director Daniel Azzopardi said, “the 2019 programme will comprise 21 projects and nine creative forms. Five projects have been commissioned especially for the Festival, and another five are co-productions with other public cultural entities. This means that this edition will have no fewer than 10 premieres and over 130 collaborating artists.”

“Furthermore,” added Azzopardi, “the festival will undoubtedly enhance the year-long ŻiguŻajg Season we have only recently introduced.”

Building on its ever-increasing relevance in today’s society, ŻiguŻajg is again at the forefront when it comes to tackling issues that are of public interest. This year, the festival will focus on topical issues including the environment, multiculturalism and integration, bullying, sexual identity, and young people’s role in society.

Eliza Von Brockdorff

Rupert Cefai, Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattività, said, “ŻiguŻajg will welcome over 8,000 schoolchildren through its doors this year, and will continue its engagement in Gozo, ensuring that schoolchildren will also have the opportunity to attend festival performances.” This is in line with ŻiguŻajg’s outreach programme that, apart from activities in Valletta and Gozo, will also see a touring show in schools as well as an allocation of tickets for minority groups.

The Delegates’ Programme will see professionals from all over the world visit Malta to experience the Festival and share best practices. This is in line with ŻiguŻajg’s growing reputation internationally as the go-to arts festival for those creating work for children and young people.

ŻiguŻajg is produced by Fondazzjoni Kreattività and will run from the 15th to 24th November 2019. Most of the initiatives will take place in Valletta and Gozo. Booking for the Festival is now open. For more information and to book tickets, you may visit the ŻiguŻajg website.

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