Nineteen EU Member States sign Malta-led initiative on LGBTI rights

Permanent Representation of Malta

Nineteen EU Member States signed an informal joint document against discrimination and abuse perpetrated against LGBTI individuals. The signing took place in Brussels on Thursday, seeing eighteen Member States endorsing the Malta-led initiative. The eighteen countries are Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden,  Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Estonia. The document will be presented to the incoming European Commission in 2019.

The document calls on the new European Commission to ensure more monitoring of the implementation of the European Equality Directives are being implemented by the Member States. The document also puts forward a European approach for LGBTI individuals to be implemented in all Member States. The document also calls on the European External Action Services (EEAS) to continue promoting and protecting human rights of LGBTI individuals and strengthen the cooperation between the EU and other international organisations working on LGBTI issues.

Equality Minister Helena Dalli stated that this initiative was a show of their determination to work against violence and discrimination perpetrated against individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

In a statement the Equality Ministry said that Malta continues to serve as a voice and shows its commitment to ensure a better quality of life of LGBTI individuals.