NGOs push government to accept rescued migrants

Chris Grodotzki /

‘A Travesty of humanity.’. That’s what Malta’s migrant connected NGOs have said in calling on the government to allow the Sea Watch 3 to disembark its 32 migrants in Malta.

They say that since their rescue on Saturday, ‘not a single member state has stepped up and offered refuge’ to the men, women and children who are currently on board.

They explain that Malta has a legal obligation to offer refuge to people fleeing persecution under international law, even if the country does not currently deem itself, ‘legally responsible for disembarkation’. Going further, they explain that this, ‘responsibility is not only legal, it is also moral and ethical.’

‘This is a flagrant violation of our freely assumed commitment to ensure that no one is returned to a country where their safety is not guaranteed and where they are at risk of torture or other violations of their rights.’, the NGOs say.