NGOs insist Gozo needs a proper GU Clinic

Beppe Galea

In a statement endorsed by a number of NGOs, LGBTI+ Gozo has urged the authorities to establish a GU Clinic in Gozo without delay, emphasising the need for people in Gozo to have direct access to sexual primary health care in the island.

The NGO emphasised that access to basic healthcare was a fundamental right, and that a barrier to that access is a hindrance and breach to that basic right. Whilst it appreciated the work done by the Maltese GU Clinic and understood the lack of human resources it found the impact the absence of a similar clinic in Gozo was leaving on society to be inexcusable. It emphasised that the issue was not a queer one but rather a general sexual health issue.

LGBTI+ Gozo acknowledged the challenges presented by Covid-19, but reminded that health was holistic, and that one could not stop time on other issues.

It welcomed the investment taking place in the GU Clinic in Malta, including the engagement of another consultant with responsibilities to have periodic visits in Gozo. It added, however, that several questions on these periodic visits remained unanswered.

“This, together with the fact that the national sexual health strategy has been dormant for years, continues to assert that sexual health in Malta and Gozo is still not a priority,” the NGO said.

Together with the organisations endorsing its statement, LGBTI+ Gozo urged the government to take concrete action on giving access to sexual health services in Gozo.

“It is of critical importance to have such a facility on the island of Gozo, these needs to be complemented with an awareness campaign for sexual health and sexual education within our peers,” it said.

The statement was endorsed by:

  • Aditus Foundation
  • Allied Rainbow Communities
  • Checkpoint Malta
  • Drachma
  • Drachma Parents
  • Gozo Association for the Deaf
  • Gozo University Group
  • HIV Malta
  • Malta Gay Rights Movement
  • Moviment Graffitti
  • National Youth Council of Malta
  • The Scouts Association of Malta