NGOs flag two boats in distress in Maltese SAR zone

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Humanitarian NGOs Alarm Phone and Sea Watch International have flagged the presence of two boats in distress within the Malta search-and-rescue zone, appealing to the Maltese and Italian authorities to come to their rescue.

On Wednesday afternoon, Alarm Phone reported that it had been contacted by around 83 people on a boat in distress within Malta’s SAR, south of Lampedusa. Those on board reported the presence of two pregnant women, of whom one was close to delivery. It thus alerted the authorities, calling on them to launch a rescue operation.

Subsequently, Sea Watch sent out its reconnaissance plane Moonbird, but ended up spotting two boats in distress, of which one, which was very close to Lampedusa, is presumed to be the same group that alerted Alarm Phone earlier.

“These people need to be rescued now – Armed Forces of Malta, you know what to do,” the NGO wrote.