Newspaper Front-pages Review

Good morning,

This is today’s Malta’s newspapers front-page stories’ review.

The Independent reports that a three-year-old is among the latest patients to have been infected by the coronavirus. In her briefing on Tuesday, Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said that the cases now rose to 38.

Malta Today says that Malta registered another four cases of local Covid-19 transmission between Monday and Tuesday. One of the latest patients contracted the virus at Mater Dei hospital while a second one appears to have picked it up at the gym.

L-Orizzont quotes Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci who said that the boy who tested positive for the virus first showed symptoms on Sunday but is in good health. The paper says that the risk of contagion is minimal since schools remain closed.

The Times says that government-appointed economic experts warn that the Covid-19 pandemic could cause the economy to shrink by half and that it could take a year for the economy to recover.

In-Nazzjon covers a PN press conference where party spokespersons presented a series of proposals to address the fallout from the viral spread. Party Leader Adrian Delia said the tangible proposals are meant to save companies and jobs in the immediate term. 

The Times reports on the discovery of a dead person in Santa Luċija by the police on Tuesday. Investigators found a body wrapped in plastic and believe that the victim had been dead for up to four days.

Malta Today follows the case of a plastic-wrapped cadaver found lying on the bathroom floor in a Santa Luċija apartment. The police were alerted by neighbours who reported a foul smell coming from the building.

L-Orizzont says that police officers broke down the main door of the Santa Luċija apartment where they found a dead person covered in garbage bags. Neighbours reported that they hadn’t seen the occupant in some time.

In-Nazzjon identifies the person found dead in Santa Luċija as a 63-year-old man who lived in the apartment with another man. The second resident has not been seen by neighbours for some days.

The Independent says that a working group with representatives from state, church and independent schools as well as the union of teachers has been set up to provide online learning material to students as schools remain closed.