Newspaper Front-page Stories Review

The frontpage stories from today’s newspapers in Malta.

Malta Today estimates that Air Malta will register a loss of €130 million by the start of summer between ticket refunds and direct losses. The paper says the airline says it would take until 2021 to start making a gradual return to business.

The Sunday Times says that a third of employees in the private sector fear losing their jobs as a result of the coronavirus impact on the economy. A survey commissioned by the paper shows that 12 percent in the public sector have similar concerns.

The Independent on Sunday publishes an analysis of the Covid-19 spread by statistician Vincent Marmara who notes that cases have fallen to a two-week low thanks to social distancing measures.

Kullħadd says that the rate of new Covid-19 cases is similar to that registered 10 days ago while infected patients are recovering every day. The paper says that this could signal the start of the ‘road to stability’ in the emergency.

It-Torċa marks the first hundred days of Robert Abela as Prime Minister and says that around   150 legal notices have been issued since his election in January. The paper says that the figure is unprecedented and comes within the context of the Covid-19 emergency.

Il-Mument covers a press conference by PN Leader Adrian Delia responding to claims made by the Prime Minister that the Opposition is accusing him and AFM officials of murder. Delia says that the complaint was filed by Jason Azzopardi in his professional capacity as a lawyer.

Illum makes an appeal to authorities in Malta and Brussels to protect the ‘vulnerable and voiceless’. The paper says that the AFM deserves praise for every life it rescues from the sea but says that no one should be left to drown.

The Independent on Sunday speaks to EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson who said that Malta’s proposal to coordinate aid for Libya to dissuade migrants from crossing to Europe is being considered by the Commission.

The Sunday Times speaks to the lawyer representing the crew aboard an AFM patrol boat who dismissed claims that the officers had attacked a stranded migrant dinghy last week. The accusation was made by migrant rescue NGO Phone Alarm.

Illum says that the Armed Forces of Malta rescued some 13,000 migrants in four years besides “hundreds more” who found themselves in distress at sea. The AFM patrol boat P52 was responsible for more than a fifth of these rescue operations.

Malta Today publishes survey results showing that 45 percent of people in Malta believe that restrictive measures could be extended by as long as the end of summer, while another 27 percent do not expect them to be lifted until the end of June.

It-Torċa says that predictions by the International Monetary Fund indicate that Malta is expected to register the highest increase in GDP from 2019 to 2021 among all EU states, rising to 6.7 percent of the levels last year.