Newspaper Fontpage Stories Review

These are today’s front page stories on Malta’s Newspapers.

The Times leads with the arrest of six people over the fatal construction accident in Ħamrun om Monday that left a woman dead under the collapse of her own home. Two contractors joined an architect, a site technical officer and two employees in police custody. 

The Independent reports developments in the police investigation into the collapse of a property in Ħamrun on Monday afternoon. An official statement said that the victim, Miriam Pace, was finally located by sniffer dogs shortly before ten o’clock at night.

L-Orizzont says that House Speaker accepted a request by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia to discuss Monday’s catastrophe at a Ħamrun construction site. Prime Minister Robert Abela announced a revision of building regulations.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that people are angry at institutional failures that allow “the powerful to do as they please”. He said that residents are fed up of feeling small and insignificant.

The Independent follows reactions to the tragic death of Miriam Pace who was described as a “kind and devoted woman” by people who knew her. Pace’s daughter wrote on social media that she never expected to lose her mother so soon.

In-Nazzjon says that Miriam Pace would have celebrated her 55th birthday this coming Sunday. The paper says that there is complete silence in the area after the collapse, with a photograph of the victim’s children standing out in the debris.

The Times covers a protest in Ħamrun on Tuesday to express grief and outrage at the construction accident in Joseph Abela Scolari street. The victim of another house collapse called developers to stop “bullying” residents.

Malta Today reveals that the architect who certified the construction site in Ħamrun, Roderick Camilleri, was a minority shareholder in the very same development company behind the project. He holds a 10 percent share in MCZMC Developers Ltd.

L-Orizzont says that the project architect, Roderick Camilleri, had assessed the risk of collapse of surrounding buildings as ‘minimal’ in the submitted method statement report. He pointed out that properties were low and did not exert much force on the surface of the site.  

Malta Today carries a reaction by former Vitals Healthcare Group CEO Ram Tumuluri who denied claims that he gave himself a €5 million payment. He acknowledged, though, that the contract did entitle him to the bonus in his third year.