Newsbook Webinar: We need to overhaul employment laws

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In the Post-COVID world, work practices need to be re-defined as the way we work is changing rapidly. This was the basis of the address which GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja gave at the webinar organised by on the theme “The Post-COVID economy”. Bugeja said that in view of the rapid changes which had to be put in place to ensure that some economic activity remained ticking in the quasi-lockdown period of the pandemic in Malta, the whole regulatory framework for employment needs to be overhauled.

“If an employee is working from home, then his desk needs to be an extension of the desk at the office and for that, the employer needs to be responsible. There needs to be regulation about the right to switch off so that the mental health of the employees is safeguarded and employees will not be expected to work at all hours. On the other hand, if one is working from home, there is no need for a transport allowance,” said Bugeja.

Many have worked from home, he added, but thousands also remained going to work, modified through the use of protective clothing. Bugeja said that the resistance to working from home was speedily eroded by the pandemic and acceptance of remote working became the norm. However, this brings with it also new rights and responsibilities for employers and employees, mainly the right to disconnect. The blurred lines between work and home mean that this is a particularly important topic to ensure a positive work-life balance.