Newsbook Webinar: Technology is the bridge that unites

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Chief Officer, Business of leading communications company GO, Arthur Azzopardi said that COVID separated people from each other and the places they go to. This separation has been partially bridged by technology. Mr Azzopardi was one of the main speakers addressing the Newsbook Webinar entitled “The Post-Covid Economy”.

Mr Azzopardi said that the pandemic disrupted the normal patterns of internet traffic, as it had disrupted the way the Maltese worked and played. Internet traffic increased and moved across the islands as people worked from home and increasingly shifted their communication from real to virtual. 

However, technology on its own was not enough. Access to new ways of working required the right understanding of the digital world. He observed that education is crucial, for without it Malta cannot hope to reduce the digital divide.

Managing the workforce when working remotely, said Mr Azzopardi was, in itself a paradigm shift. He said that management was now no longer focused on assessing what an employee is doing but needs to transition to measuring what an employee is producing.

The crisis, he concluded, has thrust us all into this experiment and accelerated change. Any good practices learned in the process need to be noted and sustained as it would be a pity if return to normality meant losing the positive aspects of this experience.