Newsbook Webinar: No innovation possible without strengthening education

Education Specialist Carm Borg warned that if the Educational sector is not addressed and the whole educational system targeted for future needs then the pool of skills required for innovation to take place will be absent. Speaking at the webinar on “The Post-COVID Economy” Prof Carm Borg sounded warnings that the Maltese educational system is still operating on a knowledge-based platform rather than on a skills-based platform.

Prof Borg said that Maltese society showed a great appreciation for the word of experts in the period when the pandemic was at its height. He said that society was also seen to support evidence-based actions. This, he said, has been a great result of the COVID crisis.

In a presentation, Prof Borg warned however that innovation will be difficult when evidence shows that academically, the performance of Maltese students in science subjects has declined.  He said that the data shows that a third of students in Maltese schools are under-achievers in basic education. “This is crucial information for innovation planning,” said Prof Borg. Even the high achievers need to improve their higher-order skills including evaluation and skills.

Social justice, he insisted, has a strong educational correlation and while this has improved over decades this should not be eroded. In the correlation between numerical ability and social justice, if there is no improvement, the social fabric will be eroded argued the expert in pedagogy. In gender performance, he noted, girls out stride boys by far and the lack of presence of women in the business and political world underlines the injustice of the system. In spite of the heavy investment which the country has made in IT, said Prof Borg, the relationship with the digital world has remained traditional and needs to be upgraded. The solution, or the ray of hope, according to the academic, lies in the child care centres. These, he concluded,  need to be used as a basic springboard to improve social justice.