Newsbook Webinar: Leader of the Opposition sees creativity as the base for the future

Opposition And PN Leader Dr Adrian Delia labelled COVID as the biggest disruptor and instigator to change in recent memory. Addressing the webinar organised by entitled “The Post-COVID economy”,  Dr Delia said that the recovery period for this disruption needs to be built on national convergence and no government will be able to work independently of other countries. Malta needs to be agile in its reaction to remain a front runner among countries said Dr Delia. Strangely enough, said the leader of the Opposition, social distancing brought the people together.

Looking forward, Dr Delia said that digitisation is one of the major ways in which the country can move forward. In a few years, about 70% of workers will be self-employed said Dr Delia a number which will impact on decisions taken by governments. He added that the government needs to carefully assess where it will invest particularly into which areas which will yield fruit in the future. “This will help our businesses be first to market. A clear investment in the health aspect will ensure that the population is healthy and therefore the economy will thrive” added Dr Delia. He concluded that the economic model needs to be based on the knowledge base and creativity so that new sectors of added value will be created.

The well-attended webinar was also addressed by the Archbishop, the Prime Minister as well as captains of industry and academics.