Newsbook Webinar: Economic planning should transcend party lines

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition spokesperson for finance Mario de Marco proposed a 10-point plan for the bolstering of the post-Covid economy. A theme which seemed to be an underlying current in the webinar organised by, entitled “The Post-Covid Economy”, was that the new economy needs to be constructed through multilateral contributions. This too, was Dr de Marco’s position, in that the economic way forward should have agreed on directions which transcend party lines. The economic and financial strategy, he said, needs to be a national response through a Cross-Party Taskforce which will design response and guidelines for the economy and finance.

Solidarity, said Dr de Marco, is of paramount importance since the state needs to ensure that no one is left behind. However, in his opinion, three factors seem to be hindering the move forward:

  • Lack of communications is impeding business planning.
  • The lack of vaccine is engendering a sense of fear
  • Social distancing which is conditioning interaction.

Dr de Marco said that reactivity to these realities is required in a vision where the country should be positioned in five and more years’ time. In ticking off a proposed to-do list, Dr de Marco proposed, among other things:

  • incentivising innovation,
  • sowing trust through maintaining timeframes for help,
  • strengthen ties between economy and health,
  • hallmark excellence in all aspects and forget laissez-faire attitudes,
  • sharpen our focus on quality rather than quality,
  • a new social contract for a better quality of life,
  • have a circular economy and
  • have sustainable public funding, as well as EU funding.