Newsbook Webinar: Archbishop stresses the need for solidarity

Archbishop Charles J Scicluna stressed the need for reciprocal respect and respect for Mother Nature. In an opening address to the webinar organised by “The Post-COVID  Economy”, Archbishop Scicluna said that the future needs to be motivated by solidarity.

“We need to reply to the post-COVID necessities motivated by solidarity not by personal or nationalistic motivations. World, particularly the western, liberal world needs to learn to live in a more sober way,” said Archbishop Scicluna. He recalled that Pope Francis had outlined this in his Encyclical Laudato Si encouraging a return to sober living through solidarity. “If we live in a more sober way we will be able to show solidarity not only with each other but also across generations” concluded the Archbishop.

The well-attended webinar was also addressed by the Prime Minister, The Leader of the Opposition as well as captains of industry and academics.