Newsbook petition: 22 children need your help

Newsbook’s petition requesting the government not to separate from their parents and expel from Malta 22 children, some just two years old, is gathering momentum.  At the point of writing close to 2.700 had signed the petition and new signatories are added every few minutes.

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President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi and Opposition Leader Adrian Delia are just a few of the well-known names who have joined asking the government to leave these 22 children together with their parents in Malta.

Government policy mandates that parents should have an annual salary of €19,000 and an extra €3,800 annually for each child.

Besides the dignitaries mentioned above, that is the President Emeritus, the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia and the Auxiliary Bishop swiftly swelling the numbers are people from all walks of life. Academics, social workers, psychologists, priests, MPs,  MEPs, and many people from all walks of life are putting their name to the petition. Notable names include Roberta Metsola MEP, Colin Calleja Dean of the Faculty of Education, Therese Comodini Cachia MP, Andrew Azzopardi Dean of the Faculty for social well-being, Stephania Dimech Sant, CEO of the Richmond Foundation and Vickie Ann Cremona former Ambassador, MPs Karol Aquilina, Ryan Callus and Marlene Farrugia.

Exiled for just €143

Nenad Stojkovic recounted this heart-breaking story in her comment:

According to the agency, their parents do not satisfy the financial requirements of a policy, which requires third-country nationals to earn €19,000 a year, as well as €3,800 extra for each child. The figures do not include bonuses or overtime. This week many parents received the outcome of these applications and were refused permits for their children because their combined annual salaries fell short of the mark by as little as €143.

This was the case of Vladica and Dragana Popovic, the parents of two girls, who declared a combined basic annual salary of €26,457 and were required to earn €26,600.

Comments by signatories

Josef Lauri:

So Identity Malta is saying that to raise a family with two children decently a foreigner needs an annual income of 26,6000. So how are Maltese families on minimum wage earnings coping?

Rosalind Dougall:

The threshold dictated by Identity Malta would be too high to meet for most Maltese families. The managerial discretion should be applied in favour, not against, these families. Especially given that in at least 2 cases, the difference is approx €200 which is a pittance in the grand scheme of things. These are families who have set roots in Malta. Whatever happened to the whole “Maltese people are friendly and welcoming”? Have we really become a nation of xenophobic bullies? We are the first to condemn the separation of children from their families when it happens at the other end of the planet, and yet seem to have no qualms doing exactly the same in our own homeland.

Saviour Grech

Since Maltese Passports are being given to shady and not so shady wealthy why not to children of people who are already living and working in Malta & Gozo?

Claire Vella

If we were not Maltese citizens, our children would have been expelled too. Since they are responsible and contributing to the country just like any other working citizen, the children’s place is to be with their parents. No amount of money can promise a decent way of living.

George Cremona

I’m signing this petition because I feel that it is inhuman to separate children from their parents and that my country should help children in need.

Paul Chetcuti SJ

Is this the new way of rebuilding a just and clean Maltese society, or adopting Trump style abuse of children to get rid of their parents?

Marco Galea

If our country goes ahead with this expulsion, we will be giving the strongest message ever that we are only interested in exploiting foreign work, and that we do not care for the well-being of people who we say we need to maintain our own well-being as Maltese citizens.

Daniel Mercieca

I’m signing also as an ex-member of the National Institute for Childhood within the MFWS.

Stefano Mallia

This is not how a democratic European nation behaves………strong with the weak and weak with the rich

Stand up and show that we are not this kind of people