Newsbook on the ball with special programming on

In the election weekend, will be updating the readers in real time with developments from the balloting stations, the counting hall and delivering the results of the elections, both for the MEP elections and also for the Local Council elections.

The Team of journalists and technical staff have pooled their abilities to be able to convey the latest news from the Naxxar Counting Hall.

Election Day

Saturday is E-day and will be linking directly to various localities in Malta and Gozo, to give a LIVE UPDATE on the voting situation. The updates will start at 7am and will continue until 11pm. At that time, the ballot boxes will start to be opened

Newsline, at 9am will be conducted as usual by Fr Joe Borg.

The Counting Process

On Sunday, will start with a special program on the counting process which will start in earnest at 7am. At that point, a Special Program conducted by Fr Joe Borg and Sylvana Debono will keep the listeners abreast of developments. The opinions of several movers and shakers in the Maltese mediascape will be included on the program. There will also be LIVE links from the counting hall and the first results will be broadcast on this program.

In the evening, another special program, also conducted by Fr Joe Borg and Sylvana Debono will round up the activities of the day and the elected MEPs will, most likely be announced on this program.

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