The generosity of the Maltese must prevail over scaremongering- Bishop Mario Grech

11:12: In conclusion, Bishop Grech said that this current attitude is born out of fear, fear of cultural over-ride and fear of Islamisation. ‘I would rather people become Muslims rather than have them turn atheists’ exclaimed the Bishop of Gozo. He said that he believes in the generosity of the Maltese and this generosity must prevail over the scaremongering.

11:11: Bishop Grech said that when we swim, we swim in the same sea that is the grave of so many migrants. In an analogy, he drew a parallel that when there is a village tragedy, the village feast is cancelled or reduced in scope. He said that, in agreement with the Parish Priests, the collections held on feast days would be given to the Jesuit Refugee Services. Fr Borg noted that the speech had been an all round wake up call.

11:06: Bishop Grech then turned the guns on Europe saying that if this has lost its conscience, Maltese Catholics must not follow. He said that if we follow that route we will be participating in the murder of these people. Fr Borg noted that Bishop Grech is in good company, since Pope Francis too was strong in similar condemnation and for that he too, was grievously criticised. Bishop Grech said that the Church, in Malta and Gozo, is opening up its doors to the migrants with 500 and more housed in convents and church safe houses. The Church does things discreetly but does sterling work and is ofen ignored by the media and the public. He said that he also contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate work.

11:03: Commenting on opinions and reactions regarding what he said at Kercem, BIshop Grech expressed grave concern. ‘We have touched rock bottom’ said Bishop Grech regarding comments saying that the migrants should be left to perish. He said that these sorts of comments show a malaise in the Catholic community.

11:00: ‘We should not ridicule the liturgy and perpetuate empty messages’ said Bishop Grech in hard hitting comments on why he does not feel it necessary to discuss village feasts. He said that these are not the heart of the Christian message.

10:55: Fr Joe Borg asked about the attitude of these pseudo-Christians who harbour hatred to migrants. BIshop Grech said that he worries immensely to see a Christian community which has been heavily tarnished by the ‘stench of racial prejudice’. Quoting the words of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, Bishop Grech said that Christ calls those who do not help the needy as damned.

10:52: Bishop Mario Grech said that his homily in the Kercem feast was directly related to the teachings of the gospel. Inspired by the image of the Crucifix, Bishop Grech reflected that the significance of this symbol has been devalued and put aside. He said that those in pain, going through suffering are symbolised by the Crucified Christ. Among these, said Bishop Grech are the Migrants.


Bishop Mario Grech recently criticised Europe’s attitude to migrants, saying that this attitude does not justify Malta’s position with regards to migration. He had harsh words for those whom, he described as ‘harbouring resentment’ towards migrants. He said that such persons are not Christian. The Maltese ‘Christians’ duly replied, speedily, with all sorts of sordid and colourful insults. They told him to keep his nose out of what, according to them, was not his business.

Soon, on, Bishop Mario Grech at 10:30h will say why he believes wholeheartedly in what he said and will answer to the insults hurled at him as well as to any comments sent on Newsbook.

Bishop Grech will be interviewed by Fr Joe Borg.