Newsbook journalist assaulted by Public Cleansing employee

A journalist has been forcibly stopped from doing his duty by an employee of the Department of Public Cleanliness in front of the Daphne Caruana Galizia shrine on Saturday at around 2.15pm.

A man identifying himself as the Senior Technical Officer for Valletta works told Christoph Schwaiger to stop filming or else he would report him to the Police. When he then called the Police he said “Hello, we came to remove the Daphne thing and there’s someone filming us. No, there are no police to help” and identified himself as Maurice Spiteri.

This person, Maurice Spiteri kept following the journalist and at one point even grabbed at his filming device, a mobile phone. The Senior Technical Officer told journalist Christoph Schwaiger that he could not film as this was ‘creating a security hazard’ for the workers under his supervision. Meanwhile a passer –by only wishing to identify himself as a Valletta resident told Christoph Schwaiger that the Daphne shrine is against the law and what the activists keep doing to the Great Siege monument is illegal.

Later on the Senior Officer went to deposit the banner and flowers at the Police station that had been removed from the monument. There he met with Christoph Schwaiger who was filing a report on the incident. Maurice Spiteri apologised to the journalist and told him that he does not consider grabbing him from the hand and not allowing him to take footage or photos as an assault.

The attack happened after the journalist spotted twotworkers from the Department of Public Cleanliness remove the banner that had been affixed to the wooden planks covering the Great Siege Monument earlier on Saturday by a number of activists.

Ġurnalist ta' Newsbook attakkat quddiem il-mafkar ta' Daphne🇲🇹🇬🇧

Posted by on Saturday, September 15, 2018