Newsbook: Download the updated iOS app has launched a new native iOS app with a fresh, responsive design and high-tech features, providing users with an interactive digital platform to access the latest Maltese and International news.

The majority of these features complement the newsportal which provides content in both Maltese and English.

Users may use the same log-in details which they received upon signing up to the MyNews function on the website, in order to personalise their app to feature their preferred choice stories. In a few short seconds, you will be able to personalise the app through the My News function by selecting the categories you are interested in. This means that no two persons can see the same app since all choices are personalised.

App users may also receive mobile notifications straight to their device, should they wish to remain on top of the developments of breaking and trending news. Access is also given to the front pages of national and international daily newspapers.

We are also using Artificial Intelligence. By clicking on the Messenger icon within the app, readers are directed to Facebook Messenger where they may access the Newsbook chatbot, a robot which is designed to help the reader easily skim through the daily headlines with just one command. It also has an intelligent search function which makes it that much easier to find content specific to one’s particular interests.

Newsbook’s Editor-in-Chief Sylvana Debono explained that, “We are part of the future. By embracing technology, we need to bring to our readers the news they want in a medium they prefer. Thanks to the Facebook Messenger bot, our goal is to reach new audiences who want to expand their horizons. Through our current Digital Transformation, we are maximising the additional opportunities that new media provide for news representation and dissemination”.

Moreover, we have also improved our online radio service and RTK 103FM will be live-streamed 24/7 through the iOS app.

iOS users can download the new iOS app from the App Store or simply click the “update” button to install the updated version.

The mobile app was the first one of its kind when it was established back in 2012.

Later this month, Newsbook will be launching the new native app also for Android.