Newsbook doubles its readers over three years

Miguela Xuereb

Digital Transformation Manager at Maria Callus said that over the past three years, Newsbook has doubled its readership. Already a credible contender in the field of news, the Archdiocese’s online medium has shot up to ranking third most important news portal in Malta.

Speaking on What’s On Newsbook on 103 Malta’s Heart, Callus said that this success was due to a variety of reasons. Investment in the portal and a clear vision of the market were crucial. Callus said that these enabled the focus to be maintained. This, said Callus was assisted by constant monitoring to tailor the product to the way the market responds. She added that this is not simply writing the articles in a correct journalistic way but also a host of other things: having the right picture, having video content, linking to stories, catchy headlines and keeping the story to the point. Callus said that besides investment, there is also a question of input: the incessant and tireless work carried out by the Newsroom. She said that ultimately this is where the content is produced.

So, what are the numbers?

Maria Callus said that over three years, has increased its audiences by 20% annually. This year, said the Digital Transformation Manager, the increase was up by a further 15% meaning that in 2020, Newsbook added its audiences by 35% so far. In simple terms, over three years, Newsbook doubled its audience. Callus said that out of the eleven news portals in Malta, ranks third in traffic. She added that over 70,000 individuals visit Newsbook daily and each one of those individuals sees an average of two articles each. Callus said that the record so far was when the portal reached 120,000 in one day.

Again, Maria Callus stressed the results of the investment made, thanks to which, the website loads, literally in the blink of an eye. She said that when a site takes over 3 seconds to load, people stop visiting. Newsbook loads in under two seconds. Callus added that the site also takes into consideration the user preferences, whether they follow mainly on mobile and whether they follow on tablet or desktop. She added that the site adapts itself well to all these different uses.

Maria Callus referred also to the English version of Newsbook, adding that this was not merely a translation of the Maltese website. Newsbook Front Page, as it is found on Facebook and Twitter, provides different types of stories to a different type of readership and is also doing extremely well over the past year and has developed a very loyal following.