Watch: Newsbook continues to grow in digital age with new app

For these past months, was working on a new app. This work was part of Newsbooks’s efforts to help journalism in Malta thrive in the digital age. Our aim is to make news available to our readers, wherever they are. 

The new app is presented to our current app users as an update (Update 4.0).  Those who already have the Newsbook app updated, may simply looks for updates in their Google Play (here) or Apple App Store (here)

Those who wish to download the Newsbook app for the first time, may do so by searching for “Newsbook” on Google Play or Apple App Store or clicking on the shortcuts provided.

The prime benefit of having the Newsbook app is to let news come to you directly by allowing notifications, so you’ll the first to receive breaking news and the most important headlines.

Update 4.0 of the Newsbook App

Secondly, the app allows a smoother user experience, so you can scroll or swipe to the next news article with ease.

Most importantly, our mission of being Fair, Accurate and Trustworthy remains at the forefront, and we believe that the new app is another vehicle that ties our mission together to build a better future for news in Malta.