increases its audience by 40%

Miguela Xuereb

The number of persons who have accessed between January and May this year is 40% higher when compared to the same period in 2019. Data culled from Google Analytics which gives detailed and constantly updated data markers on the website’s audience shows a quantum leap in audience numbers. Apart from the large increase in people accessing Newsbook, there was also a 108% increase in the number of pages read when compared to the same period last year. The time spent reading items also increased considerably.

Newsbook’s Facebook page is also followed by 110,000 persons.

Since 2017, when the Church initiated its media reform, increased its audiences by 65%, entrenching itself as one of the top portals for news reference.

Exclusive stories based on values, both in the Maltese and English versions, is a news portal which prioritises investigative stories by its journalists, exclusive work based on Christian values. has given great importance to the human dimension of the scourge of illegal immigration, teaming up with L’Avvenire’s Nello Scavo, one of Italy’s top journalists. It was indeed who broke the news that immigrants were to be placed on Captain Morgan, a story backed up by several editorials. also broke the news of Pope Francis’ impending visit to Malta. For the portal, this story was a major event given that it prioritises Church events. With the arrival of the pandemic and the unprecedented closure of the churches, started relaying the Holy Mass, keeping company to over 40,000 persons in this digital way of presenting the sacrament in a time of national crisis.