Do not fear innovation in transport – Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that if trees can be considered as common heritage of humankind, then we need to take a step back to appreciate both the fresh air and out own life. He added that investment in transport modes which use renewable energy is a must. He said that to reach these ends, innovative solutions need to be considered.

In addressing the third edition of the  Newsbook Business Breakfast, Archbishop Scicluna said that if the partial lockdown showed anything, it showed how the decline in traffic and human activity had improved the quality of the air we breath and the quality of the surrounding environment. Humanity’s retreat actually improved the quality of life and this, said the Archbishop, should set us all thinking.

Human mobility is essential but, said Archbishop Scicluna, we should question the modes of transport we use. Which, he asked, are those transport modes which pollute least and which are the road arteries which need major investment? These answers will give us a better quality of life, said Archbishop Scicluna.

Archbishop Scicluna noted with approval the improvements in infrastructure aimed at reducing pollution. To this end, he said that underground transportation, a concept perhaps alien to the Maltese millieu, needs to be considered so that transport is made more efficient and sustainable.