‘Newly recruited educators in state schools lack proper resources,’ – MUT


Newly recruited educators in state schools lack proper resources, the Malta Union of Teachers said in a statement on World Teachers’ Day. The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers and Partit Nazzjonalista also commemorated the day.

On Saturday the UNESCO World Teachers’ Day was commemorated. This theme chosen this year was “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession”.

Speaking about the local situation, MUT said that local educators and students are suffering the repercussions of wrong decisions taken by the education authorities.

Due to the delays in issuing the procurement, newly recruited educators in state schools were not provided with laptops. The Union called for an increase in the stipend of student teachers during teaching practice. MUT highlighted that such measures would help future teachers during their training.

MUT President Marco Bonnici mentioned the issue of security in schools. The educational authorities have yet to allocate the required number of educators to carry out supervision before and after school hours. “This seemingly cost-cutting exercise is leaving the most vulnerable students unsupervised,” Bonnici said.

UPE thanked all educators for their sterling work throughout the year. UPE spoke about the public’s and the authorities’ lack of appreciation for the work carried out by the educators. Educators face various challenges which meagre pay for the amount of work carried out, UPE said.

Partit Nazzjonalista said that the government is ignoring the demands made by educators. On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, Partit Nazzjonalista called for more respect for our educators. In a statement, signed by Opposition spokesperson for Education, Clyde Puli, the Nationalist Party called for more investment and improved conditions for educators.

During the last scholastic year, the number of educators that left the profession reached a new high. Others resigned over the summer. PN said that instead of addressing the problem, the government is considering bringing in foreign educators.

“Educators should be considered as an important stakeholder while taking education-related decisions,” Puli said.

Partit Nazzjonalista urged for the presence of more security in schools.