WATCH: New video raises awareness of the gaps in Gender Pay

Closing the Gender Pay Gap video launch

Today the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society launched a new video which highlights the Gender Pay Gap disparity between men and women in Malta.

The film which is a CSR initiative done in collaboration with a number of gender equality organisations, including EY Malta and emPOWer, hopes to explore the reasons and contributing factors behind the wage.

As it stands, Malta’s Gender Pay Gap stands at 11% with particular sectors showing particular differences. The Financial and Insurance sectors currently stand at 28%. The gap also causes there to be a third more women to enter poverty at retirement age.

It is the aim of the video is to encourage local businesses and companies to look deeper into the Gender Pay Gap and work towards addressing its imbalance.

Launching the film, President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that, ‘The video is intended to create awareness about the complex factors contributing towards the Gender Pay Gap. I hope after watching his video, many will feel empowered to find practical solutions for gender equality.’

She pointed out that there is a big difference between Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap. Whereas Equal Pay has a legal framework to prevent it, the Gender Pay Gap does not. At the same time, the latter also has a subtle and complex situation that many do not believe exists.

The launch of the film comes almost a week before Malta’s Equal Pay Day on November 18th.  This is said to be the day that women in Malta will effectively be working for free for the rest of the year.

Francesca Fenech Conti, a women’s rights activist and founder of the Women for Women Facebook Page said, ‘Companies must be encouraged to be more gender fair and we must showcase and promote the ones practicing transparent and fair management’

She also called on women to support each other and discuss their salaries. ‘Be open about our salaries, it’s not a taboo, it shouldn’t be a secret.’

At the questions stage, Anna Borg, representative for the Centre for Labour Studies, said that with awareness being low side. She called on the panel to push for the film to be shown on national television and create a bigger impact.

Concluding the event, Grace Camillieri of EY said that the film, ‘will actually create more awareness as well as the need for more mentoring of women to help them reach their full potential and reach the top positions.’

Video courtesy of the President’s Foundation for Well Being of Society.