New sustainable collection by Luke Azzopardi

Luke Azzopardi studio is set to unveil its latest collection, titled The Tree of Life, on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.

In light of the new health regulations concerning COVID-19, the event itself is cancelled, but a
recording shall be streamed online instead at 8.00 pm.

The Tree of Life is a fashion project which explores the cultural status of art objects and architecture, tackling the inevitable ‘mausoleumification’ of cultural sites through the design and creation of a fashion collection and its presentation in the form of an online event.

It is a nostalgic reworking of the heavily damaged, latent Medieval wall painting and decoration of the location which inspires the collection, the Chapel of Bir Miftuh. It has recently undergone conservation and restoration, and the project feeds off this by exploring of the state of in-betweenness that the chapel finds itself in. In a sense, it is a manifestation of the liminal moment between states of being and preservation, and above all else, an exploration of fragments and their relevance in contemporary art and culture.

Heavily inspired by the historical changes to the architecture of the chapel, as well as the garments worn by the chapel’s patrons in their wall-painted portraits, this collection of 32 looks is set to be presented not as one of garments, but of artifacts undergoing maintenance and only surviving in fragmented states.

Being a sustainable couture brand, the collection presented is trans-seasonal, which means that the garments do not come with seasonal bearings. Moreover, the garments also offer a crossover between couture and ready-to-wear, a comment on the status of wearable art pieces and their dissemination.

While the experience and set has been designed by Andrew Borg Wirth, the soundtrack for the
project has been created by JOON (Yasmin Kuymizakis). 3D Mapping has been designed by Philip Sultana, while the hair and makeup looks have been created by Hair&Co and Gabrielle Zammit Grungo and Roberta Sultana respectively. The project is coordinated by studio manager Becky Micallef, and creative consultancy / art direction is in the hands of ANCC Studios.

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This project is supported by Arts Council Malta through their project support grant, and is in
collaboration with Din L-Art Helwa, Malta Airport Foundation, Ecabs and Camilleri Paris Mode Ltd.

This content was supplied by Luke Azzopardi studio