New sport rolls in to the Maltese Islands

A brand-new sports league has introduced roller derby to Malta, and it’s on the look out for interested participants.

Honey Island Rollers
Honey Island Rollers

Despite the fact that roller derby is played all across Europe, the Honey Island Rollers are
Malta’s first ever roller derby league.

This singular sport is female-led, inclusive, full contact and played entirely on quad roller skates.

“Palermo, Abu Dhabi, Ghent, even the Canary Islands have a league – why not Malta? It’s about time and it was also the correct time,” said founding league member Ġiġġifogu.

The creation of Honey Island Rollers can be attributed to the long periods of boredom and inactivity that plagued so many individuals during this year’s Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by the desire to get out and get moving, the league’s 13 founding members began their training process in summer 2020, led by three experienced roller derby skaters.

Honey Island Rollers
Honey Island Rollers

The time has now come for the Honey Island Rollers to open their doors to new skaters.
Inclusivity is at the heart of the roller derby experience, which is why Honey Island Rollers aim to create a safe space in sports for trans and non-binary individuals.

“[We] oppose the policing of gender within sport. Trans women are women. Intersex women are women. As a women’s roller derby league, HIR also welcomes gender-expansive skaters, regardless of their pronouns, who feel most comfortable playing women’s roller derby,” the Honey Island Rollers league statute states.

Training will be provided from the ground up, allowing novice skaters to learn key skills and develop their athletic abilities over a 10-week training period. Although roller derby is often viewed as a female sport, cis and trans men are welcome to join the league and complete the training process to become skating referees. The only requirement is that players and referees must be over 18 at the start of the training period.

Honey Island Rollers

Interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to the Honey Island Rollers Facebook page for updates.

To encourage interest in this budding sport, the league will also be hosting an open day in Pembroke on Sunday 3rd January 2021. Following this, a new training season for beginners will commence in late January. Those wishing to learn more may also send an email to