New safety protocols on public transport announced

Bus air conditioning has been now switched on again.

Malta Public Transport has updated its safety protocols for passengers and drivers in line with the latest guidelines issued by the authorities and effective with immediate effect.

New instructions revise the maximum number of people travelling on buses at any one time also allowing a limited number of standing passengers. Depending on the length of the vehicle, vehicles can carry a maximum of standing passengers ranging between five and 15 as indicated on the buses themselves.

Customers will find signs and stickers on buses to guide them accordingly and bus drivers will control the intake of passengers at bus stops. The exact-fare policy remains in place and drivers will be unable to provide change for cash tickets. In fact, passengers are encouraged to use their Tallinja Card whenever possible to reduce direct physical contact.

Face masks must be worn at all times during journeys as well as at bus stops. Once aboard, passengers are kindly requested to find a place towards the end of the vehicle to make room for others without blocking the passageway.

Bus air conditioning is now switched on again and a combination of internal and external systems will ensure that circulating air will be refreshed at least eight times every hour.

Malta Public Transport thanks passengers for their cooperation.

This content was supplied by Malta Public Transport