New rules for Company Service Providers

MFSA launched new rulebook and Consultation document

A Consultation Document focusing on specific new areas of the proposed updated Rules for Company Service Providers was launched today by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), following the amendments made to the Company Service Providers Act.

The law was passed by Parliament as Act No. L of 2020 and published on 13 November 2020. TO have a smooth transition into the new regulations MFSA are inviting the stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the amended rules and gather all the necessary information.

MFSA updated the Rules for Company Service Providers in accordance to the new amendments.  

The Act will be brought into force through a legal notice by the Minister of Finance and Employment in the coming months. The updated Rulebook is being published with the Consultation Document before it is brought into force, to give stakeholders time to familiarise themselves with its requirements.

The authority, invites stakeholders to provide feedback to the questions raised in the Consultation Document in relation to the updated Rulebook until 15 January 2021 by sending an email to

The documents may be accessed at the following link: