New protocols in place at homes for the elderly


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Ministry for Family together with the Parliamentary Secretariat for the Elderly have issued a set of measures to be adhered to at homes for the elderly. Over the past few days many residents in different care homes contracted coronavirus.

The Social Solidarity Ministry explained that where coronavirus cases have been reported the health authorities have carried out swab tests on both residents and staff.

The residential care homes are also using staff-to-patient allocation and creating safe bubbles on each storey as well as taking other measures aimed at controlling the infection and residents who test negative are being tested again every three days.

The new protocols in place:

  • All staff members and residents must get tested
  • Influenza vaccination for the elderly residents and workers will be offered by the government
  • The family of the resident must be informed every time their relative is swabbed
  • Employees are being asked to act responsibly outside work premises to avoid contracting the virus
  • Any elderly person admitted to a home will be kept in quarantine for 14 days
  • Residents returning to the home after spending time in the hospital will be in quarantine for five days
  • Residents are encouraged to stay within their group and not mingle in different floors
  • Homes must provide space for hairdressing services
  • The hairdressers must follow the protocols

Visits to elderly homes:

  • Any person who is not well should refrain from visiting their loved ones at old people’s homes
  • Masks or visors need to be worn at all times
  • Communication from behind the Perspex
  • Hand sanitizers must be used by any person who enters the home
  • Visiting areas will be disinfected between one visit and another
  • Homes must be equipped with the necessary communication for the elderly people to remain in touch with their family and trained employees will help the residents to use technology
  • Food brought to residents must be delivered in sealed containers and should not be given directly to the residents