New promenade between Roman Villa and lower part of Rabat approved

A new promenade between the Roman Villa and the lower part of Rabat was given the green light by the Planning Board. In a statement the Planning Authority, PA, said that the project will serve to improve the connectivity between the Roman Villa and the lower part of Rabat to provide a better pedestrian experience. The PA said that the project will also address the growing concerns that parts of the existing road, Triq l-Għeriexem, is not structural safe.

The PA Board agreed with the concerns raised by the Rabat Local Council that it is not an option for Triq L-Għeriexem to remain in the dangerous state it currently is in.

The Council highlighted that the risks are evident and real and place into jeopardy the lives of residents living in the area, as well as, the traffic which passes along this road. The Board noted that the addition of the promenade along this road and Triq tat-Tabija will provide a new pedestrian experience for the public.

According to the PA although preliminary archaeological studies have been carried out using technological equipment, further investigative studies will be carried out under the supervision of the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage (SCH). The Superintendent will reserve the right to stop and request modifications to the project should undiscovered archaeological remains be found.

The PA explained that no additional lanes will be constructed as part of this project and to mitigate the impact on the adjacent valley the extension will be supported using piles rather than a gravity-retaining structure. 

The Board specified that the compensatory planting of trees, which will be determined by ERA, must be carried out within the locality of Rabat. The Board also noted that special attention needs to be given to the Construction Method Statement, which report must be approved prior to any works being carried out.