New programmes, new faces, new concepts on 103

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

It’s Monday the 7th of September and 103, our sister station has kicked off a brand-new schedule. As 103 Channel Manager Arthur Caruana said on Newsbook Q&A, this schedule has been designed to meet the listening patterns of today’s audiences. “New programmes, new faces, new concepts will be hitting the airwaves,” said Arthur Caruana.

The New 103 Morning Show

As Arthur Caruana explained, the 103 Morning Show has been re-designed not just to balance music and talk but also to vary the dialogue with lighter material, more substantial information and news. A new addition to the 103 Morning Show is Angele Galea, actress and media participant who shared her excitement at being on the show when interviewed on Newsbook Q&A.

Another participant on the show is Ian Busuttil Naudi. A technology expert, Ian has been on the breakfast show with Arthur and Jes for the past months. He also promotes good and responsible use of social media. Together with Angele, Arthur and Jes, they will discuss topics and contact experts on issues which are of interest in today’s families.

Jes Saliba will continue to give the listeners the latest news updates and information until noon. He will be conducting short, incisive interviews which will also be the basis for discussion in the Morning Show.

As they say in showbiz, let the show begin!