New mobile game marks Customs 50th anniversary

The Malta Customs Department has released a new mobile game to better promote what the department does to the general public. This and the Malta Customs Canine Unit are some of the components of the 2017/2019 business strategy that, at their 50th Anniversary, has the department “reaching milestone after milestone.”

This strategy was drawn up particularly to keep the Department relevant in a continuously changing global environment. This is particularly taxing when keeping in mind that they have for years been active in facilitating trade, while ensuring the fiscal and security needs of Malta and the EU.

The new video game, which is the first of its kind, is also part of their Anniversary celebrations and will be disseminated across all EU member states, as well as promoted by the European Commission. “Youngsters, as well as adults, will now have a clearer picture of what Customs represents and what the Department does behind the scenes,” they said.

Other innovation includes the introduction of the ZBV scanner, the Nuctech x-ray equipment, new scanning facilities, and the relocation of the Enforcement Section. The new Canine Unit was deemed to be a missing piece to the puzzle and after collaboration with a number of foreign bodies, the Unit has not been officially launched. These eight canine teams have been trained to spot narcotics, large sums of money, and tobacco.

For more details about what the Malta Customs Department is and has been doing over the last 50 years, click here.