New mental health clinic in Qormi health centre

In time for World Mental Health Day, a mental health clinic has been inaugurated at the Qormi Health Centre.

The clinic hosts a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists offer mental health services to the community.

At the inauguration, Health Minister Chris Fearne highlighted that through such clinics, patients in need of mental healthcare services will no longer need to visit a hospital, but remain in the community.

The Prime Minister’s spouse Lydia Abela observed that community healthcare helped ensure individuals would not suffer from social exclusion as they sought the help they need.

Abela also accompanied Family Minister Michael Falzon in a visit to the Richmond Foundation, with the minister highlighting an agreement reached with the foundation earlier this year, through which it will receive €2 million in funding over three years to provide mental health services.

The funding will enable Richmond to continue running Villa Chelsea, its Kids in Development residential programme and its Supported Housing Scheme, which helps 62 persons who share 28 apartments.

Mental Health Commissioner John Cachia emphasised the importance of continued investment in mental health, arguing that society in general benefit greatly from it.