New measures: All bars and band clubs to close; groups down to 6

Updated 10:53 AM
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

As of next Thursday 29th October, all bars and local band clubs will remain closed. Furthermore, as of the same date, only 6 people can convene in public spaces instead of 10.

In a statement issued by the Government, it was outlined that all bars and local band clubs will remain closed until 1st December 6am. Snacks bars and gabbanas may remain open, but in no circumstances can they serve, offer or sell any type of alcoholic beverages. They must also be closed between 11pm and 5am the next morning.

Furthermore, only 6 people are allowed to convene in public spaces. This applies in queues and bus stops, unless the 2 metre distance is maintained. This measure does not apply for those who live within the same residence. Ignoring this measure will result in a €200 fine. If the fine is paid prior to proceedings being brought to the Justice Commissioner, the fine is reduced to €100.

These measures are coming into play following a consultation with the Superintendent of Public Health.

“The new measures will allow us all to do our bit” – Robert Abela and Chris Fearne

Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Prime Minister Robert Abela took to Twitter to say that the measures implemented today will allow everyone to do their bit to protect the vulnerable.

The two also said that the measures were adopted on the Health Authorities’ recommendation, and that they will help further tighten social distancing.