New Maltese political party set to run in EU elections

Antoine Borg

A new Maltese political party and candidate have announced their decision to run in the upcoming European elections.

The ‘Brain, Not Ego’ Party represented by the candidate Mr Antoine Borg, looks intent to cut through Malta’s tempestous political environment and take an active role in better representing Maltese people.

‘The decision to run for office is not an easy one’, Mr Borg says.

Borg explains that he like many of his fellow citizens, could no longer spectate watching Malta’s politics play out the way it does.

‘I am tired of petty partisan politics we see in Malta. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. I choose to step up to give citizens a better choice in the election booth this year.’, he states.

Although a self-proclaimed relative outsider to politics, he previously wrote on the subjects through his own website of the same name.

Borg also emphasises that his previous 8 years with the Galileo space programme, demonstrates the strong values of cooperation and the solving of problems from a pan-European perspective.

‘We need MEPs who can represent the people. I have direct experience of working with the Parliament, the Commission and EU countries. I’ve worked in the public and private sector in 4 different European countries which gives me a unique insight into how things work at all levels. I have Malta close to my heart and feel there are many lost opportunities especially in research and development. This is a shame. My election campaign will show how I will represent all citizens, and how I can help each and every one of us.’