New LGBTIQ+ consultative council appointed

The names of the new LGBTIQ+ consultative council have been unveiled.

The committee which is responsible of advising, proposing and assisting the Human Rights Directorate in the drafting of bills which impact the LGBTIQ+ community will be chaired by Clifford Galea Vella.

Long time activist Gabriella Calleja was appointed as coordinator while Redeemer Fenech will serve as secretary to the council. The other members on the council are Ruth Baldacchino, Christopher Vella, Joseanne Peregin, Colette Farrugia Bennett, Claire Azzopardi Lane, Neil Falzon, Kendrick Bondin, Eman Borg, Shaun Azzopardi, Clayton Cutajar, Nicholas Bugeja, Alex Mangion and Mark Grech.

The composition of the consultative council was announced by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Equality.

The consultative council was appointed for the first time by the government when European Commissioner Helena Dalli headed the Ministry of Social Dialogue in 2013.

Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar thanked the outgoing council and wished the new council well.