New guidelines for African NGOs pitching for Maltese development assistance

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion is creating a set of guidelines to help African NGOs proposing projects which conform to Malta’s 2030 sustainable development Agenda.

The new guidelines will help NGOs who already carry out the government’s application of its Official Development Assistance, working towards reaching its sustainable development targets set down in the 2030 Agenda.

These overseas development commitments target countries in Africa with diplomatic ties to Malta and are aimed at enhancing communities and improving healthcare and education.

Development projects are will subsidised by a Governmental grant of 90% on projects eligible under the ODA with a cost capping of €75,000 per project.

Speaking about the implementation of the guidelines, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Carmelo Abela said, ‘Annual calls for projects in support of development and capacity-building projects are an expression of partnership and commitment to change in line with Malta’s international commitments. NGOs are valued partners. Their people-to-people approach through local partnerships ensures that these funds can make a real difference to local communities’.

Project proposals are to be exclusively submitted online on by not later than noon of Friday, 15th February 2019.