Watch: New €100 and €200 notes from May 2019

The European Central Bank has unveiled the new designs and security features of the new €100 and €200 notes. These will be fully introduced and in circulation on the 28th May 2019, marking the completion of the Europa series of bank notes.

These new notes are going to be just as easy to check for authenticity as the other notes recently introduced. The ‘feel, look and tilt’ method can still be used, as well as a number of new features making them more easily processed by machines as well.

The top of the silver stripe has a satellite hologram showing small € symbols which move around the number becoming clearer under direct light. There will also be a portrait of Europa, the architectural motif, and a large € symbol within the silvery stripe. The emerald number will also be further enhanced with € symbols present inside the numerals.

The new notes have also been redesigned in terms of size, they are now the same height as the other notes, but of varying length relative to their varying denomination. The longer the note, the higher its value. This will give the notes longevity as they will fit better inside wallets, and will therefore be subject to less wear and tear.

Yves Mersch, an Executive Board Member for the ECB, explained during the unveiling that the new notes will continue to offer further protection against counterfeiting. This will in turn make euro banknotes even more secure, and easier to check and handle.