New dry-standing area in Xlendi inaugurated

Terry Camilleri (MGOZ)

Fishermen based out of Xlendi can start enjoying improved facilities as the bay’s dry-standing area has been upgraded through a €500,000 project that is being partly financed by the EU’s Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The project involved the reconstruction of the existing dry-standing area, involving the excavation of the entire site, the laying of imprint concrete and the construction of a new winching room. All the area’s equipment has been replaced, with a new winch and lighting system, while CCTV cameras have been installed to provide greater security.

The distribution of utility services has been upgraded through new service pillars, which will allow fishermen to carry out maintenance on their vessels in a more suitable environment. A new firewall was built to address fire safety concerns, and a new oil separator tanks will ensure that any oils which may leak out during maintenance works do not end up at sea.

The project was formally inaugurated by Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri and Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, with Camilleri noting that the project met its pre-summer deadline. He emphasised that while Xlendi was a tourist area, it was not just tourists who kept the area alive.

Camilleri also pointed out that EU funds were also helping in the regeneration of another dry-standing area in Gozo, the one in Mġarr Harbour.