New degree programmes attract large number of teachers

During the launch of the latest prospectus 2018-2019, the Institute for Education (IfE) announced an overwhelming response to new degree programmes.

number of new online and part-time degree programmes launched by the Institute for Education for teachers in Malta attracted large number of applications, especially its new Master in Applied Educational Leadership as well as its Master of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Education (Primary).

The programmes are accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) and are underpinned by principles of accessibility, flexibility, inclusion, and implementation of 21st-century skills, with emphasis on course participation.

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo stated that “we are on a mission to unlock Malta’s true potential and this can only be achieved through the delivery of world-class education. Our teachers will steward this ambition, and with IfE’s assistance they now have more ways to help drive personal and social change and prosperity”.

The full list of degree programs, as well as more than 80 courses on offer by the IfE, can be accessed from the Institute’s website at in the form of a detailed online prospectus.