New couple emoji promotes diversity with 55 different combinations

The Unicode Consortium, the organisation behind the emojis we know and love, have announced a new emoji for a couple holding hands with 55 combinations of skin tone and gender.

This announcement was made via blog post, where it was announced that there are 179 draft emojis in total, set to be released in 2019.

These 55 emojis make up the bulk of the addition, wherein the consortium are striving to be as diverse as possible. The emoji will be made up of two standing people holding hands.

Amongst the rest of the additions are emojis representing those with disabilities, first proposed by Apple in March, and largely accepted and adopted by the consortium. A candidate emoji for a deaf person as well as a candidate emoji for a service dog and a guide dog, along with an emoji for a manual and motorised wheelchair, are set to be launched in 2019.