New Charter will support dyslexic students – Zammit Dimech

MEP Francis Zammit Dimech with members of the SpLD dyslexia support service.

There needs to be more support and resources for dyslexic students, MEP Francis Zammit Dimech, has said.

He made the comments during his visit to Malta’s Specific Learning Difficulties Service (SpLD) where he anticipates his new dyslexia initiative, The European Dyslexia Charter, supporting.

According to the service, there are an estimated 10% of the school population that are experiencing dyslexia, and only 19 teachers working with the SpLD to provide specialised support.

For Zammit Dimech, there needs to be more support and more encouragement for teachers to pursue this area.

The MEP states that the European Dyslexia Charter will create greater awareness of what dyslexic people face in terms of employment, education and health. The Charter is also understood to provide better training to teachers and all year round support to dyslexic students.

As a member of the Committee for Education, Zammit Dimech has spent the past few weeks consulting with the Malta Dyslexia Association and parents of dyslexic students, to understand its implementation. The SpLD is understood to have also welcomed the Charter.

Speaking during the SpLD visit, the MEP said, ‘We need to make more funds available to ensure that dyslexic students have adequate resources to advance in their education and to incentivise more teachers and LSEs to pursue a career to assist dyslexic students. The European Dyslexia Charter I am pushing together with other MEPs at the European Parliament also emphasises this.’