New Brand for Richmond Foundation

Drawing from its twenty-five years’ experience in community mental health, Richmond Foundation, has embarked on an outreach strategy with the objective of changing misperceptions and encouraging everyone, especially young people, to seek support and early intervention in case of early symptoms of psychological issues.

To propel this strategy, BRND WGN, a leading brand consultancy took on the rebranding exercise, as part of their CSR commitment.

The rebrand encapsulates much more than just the look and feel of the Foundation’s Communications – it’s about a fundamental shift in its vision.  Richmond needed to build a new model, and brand, which signifies a change in how Malta thinks about mental health.

This shift is represented very well by the new identity which is designed to be bold while approachable and sensitive, as well as engaging and relevant to a wider audience.

Richmond’s message is that when dealing with mental health issues, recovery is possible – and more importantly, recovery is a process, a journey.  So the colours chosen are positive, warm and easy on the eyes while also being bold, striking a balance between vibrance, and a sensible, human tone in the brand.

The logo itself was conceived with this in mind and comes to life when digitally animated.  It starts from a place of confusion, signifying the effect a mental health issue would have on a person’s life.  As the circumference grows, while imperfect, a path emerges from the confusion and grows to be more distinct.  And as the lines reach the edge of the letter R, they become more aligned and lead to an exit, signifying the person’s independence, at the very top.

Richmond Foundation is confident that the new distinctive brand will serve its purpose in heralding effective and prosperous outcome for mental health in the next decade.

Richmond Foundation