New board appointments to safeguard sustainable development

FILEPHOTO: Ħamrun collapse Miguela Xuereb

New appointments were made for two boards responsible for the coordination of sustainable development between government and society have been set up. These boards are the Guardian of Future Generations (GFG) and the Sustainable Development Network (SDN).

This was announced by Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela. These two boards are based on the integration of the economy, the environment and the social sector.

The appointments for the GFG board are the following:

  • Chairperson: Dr Malcolm Paul Galea
  • Member: Kirsten Cutajar Miller
  • Member: Dr Ian Ellul
  • Member: Mariella Schembri
  • Member: Alan Pulis

The GFG Board will be responsible for the promotion of sustainable development within political and government entities whilst safeguarding future generations through the promotion of sustainable development principles by means of a multi-disciplinary approach.

The members of the SDN board are the following:

  • Chairperson: Marvin Zammit
  • Deputy Chairperson: Profs Godfrey Baldacchino
  • Member: Dr Philip Von Brockdorff
  • Member: Matthew Farrugia
  • Member: Joe Gerada
  • Permanent Secretary: Nancy Caruana
  • Permanent Secretary: Mark Musu
  • Permanent Secretary: Joseph F Caruana​

The SDN, as referred to in the Sustainable Development Act, is entrusted with the task of establishing an information exchange platform for sustainable development. It will be primarily responsible for adopting a holistic approach and will be the primary driving force behind the empowerment of NGOs, government and the private sector to collectively make better use of the three sustainable development pillars. This by promoting innovative solutions to promote and implement sustainable principles in everyday life and operations.

Abela explained that part of the Boards’ remit will be to keep Malta focused on its 2030 sustainable development targets as established by the United Nations.